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If you are looking for inspiration to help you choose your dining room lighting, here we have a few ideas, if you click on the images, they will take you through to view the item details.


The Dining room is mainly used as a place to eat and sometimes entertain guests. Usually the table is the centre piece for the room.  Lighting can play a large role in creating the mood when entertaining guests.


pimlico 3 light ceiling lightSelect the image for further details about this light fitting.


Creating the right mood can be comprised of many different lighting techniques.  Firstly you should take into the account the size and decoration of the room.  Well planned ceiling lighting or wall lights can add to the quality of space available.


Decide on your focal point, do you want the lighting to be the first thing people comment on?

A chandelier hung 30 inches above the surface of the ding room table will create ample illumination for dining.  If you hang the ceiling light fitting too low it will be in the way and guests will end up peering around it. Although now very popular are the modern Rise and fall lightswhich are available.  Clear bulbs in crystal or glass chandeliers will enhance sparkle

Downlights directed onto the table will reduce the glare from the diner’s eyes.¬† If the table top is made of glass, the use of a diffuser will reduce the reflection






Georgia Matt Nickel Rise and Fall Pendant

Rise and fall light fittings can be used over a dining room table and will help create an intimate atmosphere when drawn down lower over the dining room table. We have a fine selection of rise and fall lights in our online shop.


The use of a dimmer will give low mood lighting for dining, also providing flexibility and control for other tasks such as reading or children’s homework.


China cabinets containing ornaments or crystal can be lit up with a halogen bulb to create white light that will bring out its sparkle.



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