Globe or Ball Shaped Pendant Ceiling Lights

When deciding on the pendant lighting for your breakfast bar, dining room or lighting over a kitchen table. Ball shaped pendant lights or globe shaped pendant ceiling lights are a popular style of modern pendant lighting.

Consider hanging 3 or 4 White ball shaped pendant lights over a long table. This type of lighting can create some stunning lighting effects. Different size globe pendant ceiling lights are available to buy. Whether you think your dining or breakfast room is more suited to a smaller diameter of glass ball or larger globe shaped pendant.


White opal glass ceiling pendants with metalwork in a Chrome or Matt Chrome finish will look fabulous in a modern dining room. The round shape whether large medium or small gives an interesting feature against the straight lines of modern contemporary living.


A benefit from using adjustable height pendant ceiling lights like these is that it is easy to adjust the height of the flexible suspension allowing you to optimise the light fittings for the position in the room. Over a breakfast bar for example, you may need the flex to be shorter than for say a dining room table as breakfast bars are generally mounted higher than a dining room table.


Some of the ball shaped pendant lights have an opening at the bottom, making it easier for lamp changing. Some though do not and are complete globes. Consider carefully if it is important as to which type you need. It may not matter of course, but in areas where there is food preparation, the complete globe type may be the better option.


Ball shaped pendant ceiling lights will take low energy lights bulbs if required. Dimming is another option. Although if using energy saving light bulbs bes ure that they are compatible with a dimmer switch as many energy saving light bulbs are not suitable for dimming.

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