Dimmable Ceiling and Wall Lights

Which of your ceiling lights or wall lights are suitable for dimming? The answer depends on the type of light bulb that the light fitting takes.


Standard incandescent light bulbs are most always suitable for dimming. Other types of light bulbs that can be dimmed are Halogen GU10 lamps. These types of lamp are commonly found in kitchen spotlight bars and single spotlights.


It must be stressed that it is important always to consult an Electrician if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a light fitting concerning the use of a dimmer switch. Too many lights on one dimmer switch could cause a problem.


If you would wish to be able to dim the lighting in your bathroom, consult your Electrician as he would be able to offer you the best advice.


Using a dimmer switch or dimmer switches in a room can completely alter the ambience of the room. For example, recessed lighting in a kitchen can benefit from the installation of a dimmer switch. During food preparation times it is generally helpful to have as much illumination in a room. However and certainly if you kitchen serves as a reception room or dining room, the ability to dim the lights at certain times is certainly very useful.


Many contemporary light fittings now use mains voltage halogen G9 capsule bulbs; this type of light bulb is also suitable for dimming. It is important though not to confuse these with the smaller G4 low voltage light bulbs which are generally not suitable for dimming as there is a transformer involved. We would say generally, because some of these light fittings come either with touch dimmable control within the fitting or and again, consult your Electrician about this, can be dimmed with a specialist dimmer switch.


Dimmer switches can enhance the lighting scheme in your home. Whether used for your ceiling or wall lights, a well thought through lighting layout incorporating dimming technology will allow you to increase the flexibility of your lighting scheme.

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